Criptext Secure Messenger

Privacy under your control
Powered by Criptext SDK

Government-grade encryption

Criptext uses advanced encryption with 256-bit AES and 1024-bit RSA keys that protects your every word from end-to-end. All your messages are protected from hackers and intruders thanks to a unique key which sits in your device and makes messages unreadable to anyone other than your recipient and yourself.

Unique privacy protection

Fanatical about privacy? Criptext Messenger lets you hide your identity from the other person's chat view so that your name is never displayed alongside the things you say. When the person reveals your name the content of your messages gets hidden.

Unsend messages whenever

Sent a message to the wrong person? Criptext gives you unparalleled control by letting you take back messages at any time - even after they've been read by the recipient.

Self-destructing messages

Send sensitive information with peace of mind by setting text, audio and photo messages to self-destruct moments after being read.

Secure File Sharing

Easily share files securely with friends, colleagues and groups. Send anything from spreadsheets and presentations to PDF and Zip files with security that you can rely on.

Guest Chat

Have a secure conversation with anyone who doesn't have Criptext. Just send them your private link and they can chat securely with you from their phone or desktop via Criptext Web Chat. Think of it as your own private conference room.

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