Track and Control

Know when someone has read your emails or downloaded your attachments.
Easily take back sent emails with one click - even after they've been read.

Criptext Unsend Button - Notifications

1-Click Security

Sending a secure email is as simple as checking a box. Once Criptext is enabled you can add secure attachments of up to 100mb and set an expiration timer on the email.
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How it Works

When you click send the content of your email gets encrypted and extracted into your own safety security box within Criptext. Meanwhile, Gmail sends the empty email to the recipient; once the email is opened the content gets streamed into the recipient's inbox.

Supercharge your email experience

Seamless Compatibility
You can send encripted emails to anyone regardless of whether they have Criptext or not
Control-Freak Tracking
Know who, where and when your emails have been read and when your attach-ments have been downloaded
Own Your Data
Unlike regular email, the emails you send using Criptext will never be kept by the recipient indefinitely. You're in control
Take it
Sent an email to the wrong person? Don't worry, you can Unsend your emails at any time - even after they've been read
Secure Attachments
Easily send encrypted attachments to anyone on any device. Attach up to 10mb per email
Expiration Timer
Sending a time-sensitive email? Set an expiration timer, thet self-recalls the email after it's been opened


What does it cost to use Criptext?
Nothing. Zero, nada, zip! Criptext for Gmail is FREE and unlimited for all.
What happens when I unsend an email?
Once you click the Unsend button the content of that email is destroyed. The recipient will still have your email, but there will be nothing in it.
What if the person I’m emailing doesn’t have Criptext?
No problem! The recipient doesn’t need to have Criptext. They can read your secure emails right in their inbox just like any other email.
Can I Unsend an email after it's been read?
YES! You can Unsend your email at any time as long as you sent the email with Criptext enabled.
What if I want to send a normal email without Criptext?
You can turn off Criptext at anytime. When composing a new email just uncheck the enable box and that's it.
Can Google read my secure emails?
No way! The content of your emails are encrypted and stored securely in Criptext servers, where Gmail’s can’t access them.
Criptext is a secure communications company that enhances traditional email and texting experiences with security, privacy and control. We thrive on making complex technology easy to use for everyday people. Ultimately our main objective is to give users peace of mind in every message.
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